Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Chapter Two: Fear & Gripping Grendel. (In part, 2)

-The loss of control yields fear. Ironically, one never had control; one never had control of anything! The control to take a breath, or to keep the atmosphere balanced, or to ignore gravity require a skill set that humans simply do not possess. One little cog in the human condition has ‘total lack of control’ inscribed on it, part number 3-5498-726. Yet, just as the little boy on the bike, people delude ourselves into thinking, “I have it in my pocket!” or “I’ve got the world on a string,” like uncle Frank, only to realize gravity effects them just as much as the next fellow. So, the loss of control is not exactly the fact of the matter or the concern at hans; it is the loss of perceived control, the counted loss of something that never existed. Generally, losing something that one never really had is not such a difficult reality. Yet, the natural man’s mind is so bent that perceived control has convinced the mind that it is actually real control. The weight of resulting loss feels equally real. Perhaps the human machine has deposits of grease and grime; perhaps some of the inscriptions are covered and cannot be easily viewed?
-The natural laws are etched into the human heart. They can nearly be proven, though no need for this exists, by the appearance, usually largely by surprise, of the moral compass. It is the woman who takes no issue with a set of hot topic items such as abortion or gay marriage, but then gets particularly irate over marital infidelity. It is the fellow who takes no issue with infidelity while brooding towards rage relative to an acquitted child molester. It is said child molester angry with the government of stealing votes at the ballot boxes. The circle of injustice has looped on quietly for thousands of years, and the bar by which it is secretly measured remains the intrinsic inscriptions upon the human heart.
-The inscription of the law is not an inoculation though, the law is solely a prescription for health, yet like every patient, the gift of choosing a their own path is in the mankind’s hands. One chooses daily to follow the diagnosis or ignore the requirements. Each chosen day of willful disobedience will yield calluses. Substantial callusing is required to fully mask the inscriptions but even the slightest extra layer is enough to cause blurred vision.
-If one is astute of their surroundings, the more they seem to ‘put together’ relative to the world around them, the less they seemed to control or even understand, for they realize through failure that they really have nothing! The rock star found overdosed the in his bath-tub at the Four-Seasons Paris, the actress who jumps off the tower or the dictator who shoots his mistress and himself in the head deep beneath Berlin in a dank little bunker; they almost had the World in their pocket, or so they fooled the World into thinking. The World is too big for a pocket; it is too big for three or four pockets. Princess Leia once said, "The more you tighten your grip, Tarkin, the more star systems will slip through your fingers." she pretty much nailed it.